GBAex BEYOND 2030+

TU Delft | Globalization Course | 2023

The Necklace Metropole

Nancy Nguyen | Jiheng Li Yuqian Jiang | Bas Kramer

Delta landscapes have always been the gateway to the land that lies behind them, offering a place for transition and connection. For China, the Greater-Bay-Area (GBA) entails this, with its One Country, Two Systems and multiple economic zones forming a natural inundation landscape balancing what it embraces and excludes. This is a landscape enlisting top-down governance seeking to mobilize capital, people ... read more

The Common Bay

Christel VonckenJingyi ChenKelin Mu | Xinyi Wu Xinyu Lin

The Pearl River Delta has nurtured a prosperous urban agglomeration by offering valuable ecosystem services as common goods. However, eco-commoning is increasingly exclusive and diminishing because the current development model in the Great Bay Area prioritizes the economic prosperity of core cities, while the region faces challenging shifts, such as climate change, industrial transformation, and ... read more