TU Delft | Globalization Course | 2022


Anna Gorokhova | Shiming Xu | Chuhan Zhang
Emilie Stecher | Ruta Vitkute | Daniëlle Lens

“Arrogance hurts, modesty benefits. Benefit goes to the humble, while failure awaits the arrogant.“ Is an old Chinese saying that is deeply rooted in the culture. By building upon economic growth, this value has been forgotten, which has led to increased vulnerability for people and the environment. Overexploitation and overcommodification of natural systems result in a diminished adaptive capacity... read more

Out of the Core

Andria Charilaou |  Anna Kalligeri Skentzou |  Shiru Liu
Julia Daher |  Victoria Imasaki

The implementation of the polycentric model of the GBA resulted in the core-periphery phenomenon, as was described in the original model of Soja (1974), in which the main cores are highly developed cities, focused on capital, and peripheries are composed by secondary and tertiary citie cores, characterised mainly by industrial labour force. The latest regional planning of the GBA 2020 proposes plans for the region... read more



Ann Eapen | Minshi Zhang | Qian Yao
Any Yan | Pavlos Andrianos

In recent years, China and particularly the Greater Bay Area have experienced unprecedented economic growth and prosperity. The extensive reformation of the Chinese economic model that enabled the country's opening to the global market was paralleled by a rapid transformation of the landscape of the delta. This was mainly due to urbanization, as a substantial portion of the rural population, migrated to the urban areas to partake... read more


Sanika Charatkar |  Froukje Visser | Dan Watchorn
Maria Lakoumenta | Xiaoge Huang | Gauri Agarwal

The existing model for development in the Greater Bay Area strongly prioritizes economic growth, with little regard for social or environmental resilience. This prioritization has led to a hypermodern and polycentric urban pattern with heavy disparity between the cores and sub-cores. The contestation resulting from social inequalities and environmental degradation in the face of the impending water crisis... read more



Larissa Müller | Zhihao Rua | Jens Berkien
Ziqi Xu | KuanTing Liu

Globalisation in the Greater Bay Area fueled a development model primarily based upon the advancement of economic prosperity for the core cities, overlooking environmental and societal vulnerabilities. Significant policy changes and strong market forces ignited immense competition between cities, resulting in an uneven developed and environmentally at-risk region. Cities in the Greater Bay Area cannot cope with ... read more